Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions




The indicated prices are expressed in euro VAT included (21%).

Except for opposite indication, the prices do not include the handling or the delivery costs. These costs are payable by the buyer and specified in the “purchase basket” or, for lack, after reception of your order.

The possible discounts, coupons, reductions vouchers or other advantages are not to accumulate.



Unless otherwise convened, every order is confirmed by the reception of the total payment to pay. This payment is owed within 7 days following the order.

The accepted payment modes are specified in the system of order of the site and are at the free choice of the buyer.

Sound 7 accepts online payments by Maestro, Visa and MasterCard. These are completely secure. If you choose to pay online with a credit card, money is withdrawn from your card when the order is confirmed.

Every unpaid invoice without written justification after its falling due bears, by right and without previous formal notice, a delay interest of 1% a started month as a contractual and compensatory indemnity of 10% of the amount of the invoice with a minimum of 50,00 euro.

In case of order with instalment, every faulty non-fulfilment of the order from the buyer authorizes us to keep the instalment this last one paid, as damages.

In accordance with the article 1583 of the Civil code the customer recognizes that the material stays the property of SOUND 7 until the total payment of the invoice. However, the risks are supported by the customer from the delivery.

The customers subject to VAT and localized in the European Union (except for Belgium) may enjoy the exemption of the Belgian VAT (21%) provided that a copy of the attestation of the liability to the VAT delivered by the concerned administration.



We realize an invoice for the customers subject to the VAT who give us their VAT number. The customers who are not subject and who wish an invoice may get this one by specifying us the order.

Every demand of invoice for a amount lower than 25 EUR VAT included will make the object of an increase of 5 EUR for the administrative costs.



The guaranty concerns every default of conformity existing at the time of the delivery of the product and arising during the guaranty duration.

Except for opposite indication in the description of our products, the guaranty duration is 24 months for the new products and 12 months for the second hand products. It runs from the day of the delivery or the day of the withdrawal of the material at our place. This duration is reduced to respectively 12 months and 6 months for the customers subject to VAT and for the corporate body.

The customer has to inform in writing a default of the product he bought from the time he notices it. The customer loses his rights if a more than two months delay has passed since the day he notices the defect and the time he notices us it. The faulty product must be brought back to us within two months following the apparition of the defect, accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase (receipt of invoice) and by a precise description of the problem.

SOUND 7 sprl
125, rue de Hodister
4860 Pepinster

The guaranty duration of the laser heads of the CD readers is exclusively the one given by the constructor (generally 6 months). The loudspeakers, flightcases and accessories (lamps, cabling, transport bags and suitcases, platinum vinyl needles,…) are not covered by the guaranty. However, we replace the articles showing a fabrication default so far they are returned within 7 days following the reception and that the fabrication default may clearly as so being identified.

For the second hand material: the problems coming from the normal worn state of the components as the problems coming from the working of the potentiometers buttons, LCD screens and keyboard keys are not covered by the guaranty.



Most of our articles are in stock or usually available within a waiting period of about 7 days. If, despite our vigilance, these articles are not available within superior to ten days waiting periods, we will try to propose an article with a similar quality and price. In the case we could not be able to deliver or you would refuse such an article, you can ask the repayment of the unavailable article.



SOUND 7 will try to make deliver the material within the waiting periods and at the convened prices. The delivery waiting prices are given as indicative title. A delivery delay may not have as result damages, nor the cancellation of the order.

The customer has to check the state and the content of the packages at the reception. In case of visible damages or anomalies, he will clearly indicate it on the slip or on the reception terminal of the delivery boy. SOUND 7 cannot be held responsible for visible damages or anomalies at the delivery which were not specified by writing at the delivery boy.

Every invisible damage or anomaly, as every product missing must be communicated to us by writing (mail, fax or letter) within 24 hours following the reception.



In case of cancellation of the order, we reserve ourself the right to keep an amount of 10 EUR for the administrative costs. On the other hand, we also keep for every cancelled order payed by card or by Paypal an amount similar to 2,5% of the total because of the costs related to these payment methods.

The cancellation of the unpaid and not invoiced order is not submitted to costs.



You have the right to return us the articles which do not satisfy you within a waiting period of 14 days from the following day of their reception. The products have to be returned complete with their accessories and documentation in their original packing, in the state you received them, at the following address:

SOUND 7 sprl
125, rue de Hodister
4860 Pepinster

Your cancellation demand will be considered as valid if the conditions are fulfilled. The returned products will be then repaid to you. If these conditions are not fulfilled, we reserve ourself the right to keep a part of the amount to repay as compensation.

Our delivery costs, if the delivery is free or not for you, as your return costs stay at your expense.

The renunciation right is only available for the particular customers (natural persons non subject to VAT) in case of distance sale.

The renunciation right is not available for the articles created or customized specifically for the customers, for the articles only available on order, for the micros and auricles and for the software, CD, DVD en so on which were pulled free.



Our liability may not be engaged in case of delay of our suppliers, among others in case of out of stock there. Besides in case of non substantial differences between the pictures of presentation of the articles on our Site, the texts and illustrations, and the ordered articles, our liability may not be engaged.

Under no circumstances we can be held responsible for every benefice loss, commercial loss, loss of profit or every other direct or indirect damage of the use of the delivered material.

Under no circumstances we can be held responsible for the delivery waiting periods of the truckers, as for the losses and damages caused to the material during the transport.



All personal data regarding our customers are treated with the strictly confidentiality, according to the disposals of our Privacy Policy.



The nullity of one of several clauses of the actual sale conditions does not affect at all the availability of the other clauses, which keep all their force and coverage.



The actual general conditions are ruled by the Belgian right. In case of litigation, the courts of the district of the registered office of SOUND 7 are concerned. SOUND 7 may however abandon the actual clause and if preferred cite to appear in front of the concerned jurisdiction by virtue of the common right.