Ready-to-Use Sets

Ready-to-Use Sets

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Product no.: ADDTZTPS

4 x 30W RGB COB LED System with stand, covers, footswitch and wireless controller

Recommended price: 419.00 €
397.00 *

Available immediately

Product no.: BZ150490

Ready-to-use Lighting System with 4x 20W RGB COB LED, IR Remote and Wireless Foot Controller

Recommended price: 379.00 €
299.00 *

Usually available in 7 days

Product no.: BZ150495

Ready-to-use DMX Lighting Bar with 4x 70W RGBW Flat PAR

Recommended price: 469.00 €
379.00 *

Available immediately

Product no.: CH4BARLTBT

Ready-to-use light system with 4 LED PAR, stand and bags, controlable by Bluetooth

Recommended price: 338.80 €
272.00 *

Available immediately

Product no.: ST30272

Compact and portable LED Lighting System

Recommended price: 349.69 €
279.00 *

Available immediately

Product no.: ST30278

Ready-to-use RGB+UV LED Light System with stand, bags and footcontroller

Recommended price: 393.25 €
315.00 *

Available immediately

Product no.: ST30277

Ready-to-use RGBW LED Light System with stand, hard case and carrying bag

Recommended price: 477.95 €
351.00 *

Usually available in 2 days

Product no.: ST30268

Compact and portable Powerful LED Lighting System

Recommended price: 446.49 €
405.70 *

Usually available in 2 days

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