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High-quality boundary microphone designed to deliver superior results for many recording applications

The CBL 99 is a high-quality boundary microphone designed to deliver superior results for a multitude of recording applications. The boundary layer technique is well-known for recording and offers non-directional pickup that is frequencyindependent.

Succeeding the proven CBL 99, the CBL 99 is small, lightweight and easy to place . no stand is needed. Since the transducer sits in a metal plate only 5 mm (0.2 in) thick, the plate doesn’t interfere with or color the sound. Frequency response is very uniform within its hemisphere and it captures the “room sound’’ of an instrument very accurately.

The CBL 99 can be permanently attached to the floor or wall of a studio using the screw holes in the plate or attached temporarily using the supplied adhesive compound. Its 3-pin output connector also has a switchable bass-cut filter to minimize surface-born noise.

Easy to use and sonically versatile, the CBL 99 is a great addition to the “mic locker’’ of any studio.


- Extremely small and inconspicuous, lightweight yet rugged
- Delivers superior sound combined with outstanding ease of use
- High sensitivity and low self-noise ensures generous headroom

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