Warranty & Customer Service

Warranty & Customer Service



 Technical problems

The world is not perfect. Sometimes a product does not work properly, has a manufacturing default or does not offer the quality you are legitimately entitled to expect. Whatever this problem is covered by the warranty or not, we will support the resolution.

When a problem occurs shortly after purchase, we recommend you to contact us to diagnose it. False problems can be easily resolved by phone or e-mail.

Technical operations are always performed by the official technical service of the brand / supplier. This ensures high quality work, replacement of components by original parts, and often short delays.

In addition, during the first 6 months after you purchase, SOUND 7 can pick up any defective product under warranty at the address of your choice, free of charge for you (*).


 Return Process

Whatever the problem you are experiencing is under warranty or not, please follow the process below to introduce a technical intervention:

- Download, print and complete the return form available here.

- If you benefit of the removal conditions, send us the completed return form. We will organize the product collection as soon as possible.

- If you have not or do not want to take advantage of the removal process, bring us or send us the defect product with the return form and, in case of warranty, a copy of proof of purchase (receipt or invoice).

We will take appropriate action upon return of the defect product to make it back operational as soon as possible. Depending on circumstances, the repaired product will be send back to you or will be kept here for removal.

If the problem is not covered under warranty, we will inform you about this as soon as we have been advised by the technical service. Note that fees will be applicable here, with a minimum of 45 EUR (administrative costs, estimate costs, delivery costs ...)

(*) See our Terms & Conditions for details.